Thank you for your cooperation and trust

I have known Sue for 20 years and she is a really creative soul. Her fresh and unobtrusive ideas in graphic design will always pleasantly surprise me. And it doesn't matter if it is the creation of a company logo, website, advertising of our products, or preparation for exhibitions and the like. Throughout our cooperation, I have always been satisfied and I believe she also 😊. I believe that we will continue to work together for a more beautiful world and the environment around us.

Peter Benko
CEO Ing. Peter Benko INECS

I was starting a completely new business from scratch, and SUEWEB helped me find a simple and cost-effective solution to get me started. I didn’t really know where to start and SUEWEB gave me guidance as to how the website should work, and – of course – its design. We worked together to put together something that I thought was simple, easy to navigate and visually attractive. SUEWEB was responsive to my needs and got the right balance of listening to me to deliver what I wanted, but at the same time, providing suggestions in areas where I was not so sure. Since we started, SUEWEB has helped me maintain the website and keep it up to date in real time. I am happy with the services provided, and this is why we still work together several years after our original co-operation.

Hugh Owen
CEO Go2Law, konzultant, advokát (právny zástupca Anglicka a Walesu), advokát (Slovenská advokátska komora)

The collaboration in the creation of the new design of CBD oils and butters SOWILOCBD together with Sue was excellent and met our expectations, we are very satisfied. Our customers and we also really like the design designed by Sue, and we can only recommend working with her.


Sue and I have a long-standing, traditional cooperation. When we needed special visuals for the Pohoda festival, iHRYsko business cards or banners for HRAtislava, her work was the solution. I appreciate her reliability, the effort to understand our ideas and needs, flexibility and speed. I'm looking forward to the next nice things we create together.

Peter Černák,
CEO 3via

Cooperation with SUEWEB was like a gift from heaven. I needed to adapt my logo to the EUIPO (EU Trademark) application. I contacted several companies, but everywhere it was for a long time and complicated. Then I found a contact on the Internet on SUEWEB and .... it worked. I got the answer in an instant and everything went very fast. My every request has been met. Even when filling out the application, I needed to change the format and the help came within a few seconds and that was it. Everything was online, super fast and professional.

L. Calpas

From the first moment we started working together, there was good communication and understanding of our cooperation. She understood exactly what I was looking for, not only with her knowledge, experience, but especially with her creative nature. She was the website creator and dance photographer of the Eire Dance Academy. She has collaborated with other artists, traveled with us to a number of dance performances, courses and workshops to capture the most amazing aspect of the dance scene. Sue was not only a photographer, a web designer, but also part of a dancing family. She knew what to do to bring the best quality product. We have worked hard together to achieve our success. She is very determined in her work. It was a pleasure working with her. I recommend to everyone for her 100% dedicated work, creativity, innovation, responsibility, patience, quality and professional approach.

Martina Bokšová
Independent Dance Professional

Creative approach, flexibility and precision. The collaboration with Zuzka on the design of the website was exactly like that. We are always happy to entrust her with graphic work on our projects.

Peter Benko ml.,
projektový mana?ér, Ing. Peter Benko INECS

We can highly recommend cooperation with SUEWEB. After many years of experience, we appreciate a very human and professional approach, meeting deadlines, and what we must not forget is her versatility, whether in website creation, product design, or photography. We look forward to further cooperation.

Dance Academy Sunny Dance
CEO Bronislava a Andrej Juráš
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Michal BlahovskýMichal Blahovský
13:01 23 Jan 22
Výborna spolupráca,kvalitné spracovanie fotiek,rýchla odozva,odporu?am😊
Martin DetvajMartin Detvaj
11:43 02 Dec 21
So SUEWEB sme spolupracovali pri príprave grafiky pre be?ecké preteky STREKOV WINE RUN. Ve?mi oce?ujem spoluprácu so Sue a grafické výstupy na online prezentáciu pretekov na sociálnych sie?ach, ale aj grafické materiály, ktoré sme distribuovali v tla?enej forme.
Marcela Ga?parováMarcela Ga?parová
19:47 27 Nov 21
Ak h?adáte trpezlivého profesionála, tak ste správne ? .. velmi oce?ujem jej individuálny prístup, zachovanie prirodzenosti pri výsledku, moderné línie a tie? citlivos? vníma? atmosféru, rôzne prostredia, inakost.. Spolupráca, ktorá vas baví, radi sa vrátite ?
Zuzana TomasakovaZuzana Tomasakova
17:59 19 Nov 21
?vynikajuca praca 👍?Sueweb dakujem za mnohe krasne fotky a krasne profesionalne letaciky ?vrelo vsetkym odporucam ci uz fotenie alebo graficky dizajn 🙂 tesim sa na dalsie buduce projekty 👍
Lucia ?vagerkováLucia ?vagerková
09:26 19 Nov 21
Zuzku a rovnako jej prácu poznám a sledujem u? roky. V?dy bola pre m?a skvelou fotografkou, ktorá svojimi zábermi dokázala vystihnú? naozajstnú emóciu zobrazovaného 🤍 Odhliadnuc od dlhoro?nej praxi v oblasti DTP a grafického dizajnu, som na nej v?dy obdivovala technickú zru?nos? a v spojení s kreatívnym myslením a precíznos?ou nájdete u Zuzky skuto?ne komplexné a profesionálne rie?enie pre va?u firmu/zna?ku.

Alebo na mojej Facebookovej stránke.

Marcela Sojáková Ga?parová
Marcela Sojáková Ga?parová
27. November, 2021.
Profesionalne sluzby, prijemna spolupráca, krasne fotografie.. ?
Jana Dafková
Jana Dafková
27. Máj, 2018.
Martin Detvaj
Martin Detvaj
19. September, 2017.
Krásna práca, fotografie aj dizajn